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At Grano we bring our expertise to our Private Clients in our discreet Property Relocation, building, property refurbishments & Italian Design to some of the most interesting & challenging property solutions in London, Dubai, The Middle East, Russia, Nigeria and the World.  We have the privilege of working with some of the most talented Architects & Designers that have created some truly beautiful homes & are working on further Inspiring Property Projects & Designs with their clients.


Every project is created with a fusion of excellence and a determination to create and deliver the solution within the most demanding of requirements.  London Builders based in W1, Central London.

Currently our clientelle experience incorporates high net worth individuals, corporations and governments across the globe.  All of our design solutions encompass our quest for inspirational solutions and experiences.

Residential Style & Design

Grano has specialised in bringing style, opulence and perfection to all areas of property development, design and acquisitions since its inception as a builder in London of beautiful homes. We have a dedicated team of builders & work with architects & designers whose clients work closely with our clients to translate ideas into workable, successful projects.


At Grano our relationships as Builders in London, are paramount and we pride ourselves on giving our clients the perfect, tailored solution, working with them from concept to plan to build.

Inspiring Emotion through Design


As Builders in Central London, we work with some of the most inspiring & talented Architects & Designers.  We look at our design projects as crucial extensions of the spirit & ethos of those that we are collaborating or working with.  The clients that occupy & thrive in their home environments are the pinnacle of our thought process when pioneering their experiences in their home & the experiences they wish for their families & guests.