Penthouse Emotions

Looking through our Portfolio of works, we had to place this one back out there. The Miami feel with our signature Tony Montana thrones are timeless in their design & prominence. The very textures & feel of this Penthouse is simply emotional.

We looked at a number of factors when creating this huge Penthouse into a stylish, technology led home of another level. In creating this property, we needed to create a large but private working office, with access from the front door for meeting guests, whilst ensuring to emit the home. Upon entering mood lighting & distinctive crystal lighting pieces feature amidst an array of textures & paddings. All this prior to entering into the centre of this incredible home.

Additionally, we created two further bedrooms with outstanding en suites, in additional to an informal dinning ability in the kitchen. A beautiful bar area, lounge & cinema area that leads onto the formal dinning area before entering into the kitchen area.

Watch the video & let us know what you think... Maybe yours will be the next creation.

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